Our Persons Centered Plan allows each person served to have an opportunity to meet societal expectations while Direct Support Professionals provide each individual with the necessary structure to obtain a stable and nourishing foundation. The structured program of care includes, but is not limited to:

Training in functional skills

Training in functional skills in personal care and activities of daily living (toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, and eating, mobility, communication, household chores, food preparation, money management, shopping, etc.)

Individual Assistance

Individuals receive help with personal care, ongoing health monitoring, pharmaceutical services, medication administration, social work services, independent living skills training, dietary services, transportation and core services.


Assistance with transportation to and from training sites and community resources

Monitoring health and physical condition

Assistance with medication and/or other medical needs, coordination of medical care and providing transportation to and from healthcare appointments.

Activities of daily living (ADLS)

Individuals receive care/treatment/training in: activities of daily living (ADLS), money budget management education, money, saving plan, grooming.

Individualized Service Plan

Our Individualized Service Plan must clearly document the individuals need for specialized supervision. This may include the necessity for overnight staff if there is a history that indicates an individual gets up and needs supervision or assistance.